The Uncounted Blue Jillions

by The Hatchets

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in my body there's a battle it goes back before my time twitches in my wrists and fingers it runs on my mother's side in my rage i chased my woman crazy with a kitchen blade when i came to i was howling through her wild tears she spoke my name said love will heal you i used to be a prophet i'm nothing anymore i'm a headline in ohio behind bars for being drunk and poor the past is dead beneath us everyone's been someone else maybe i could wake up different build a heaven over all this hell and love will heal me i retrace all my wandering cross the country of my youth broken with a beard and bottle i go searching out a former truth i've always been a pilgrim i've got no place left to run and the roads all shine like serpents twisting in the desert sun no i won't give up believing there's a future to be had there are good seeds still to blossom from the dead soil of this land i watch the canyons turn to chapels hear the creekbed talk in tongues and the sundown spreads like stained glass there's a voice a-calling from above says love will heal you
there's a house i've dreamt in the distance through the mist i can make it out clear where i will return as a stranger or a son lost for so many years in a town where a girl rides a stallion singing bout jesus and jesse james she calls for their justice to pour down on the earth like a merciful rain and a boy dreams of making his fortune he's all piss and vinegar still the future before him lies open as the prairies where nothing's been built i know that it's only a vision but there's nights when it seems almost true like the sunbeams that paint my horizon or the gray of a vanishing moon but a woman is stumbling the alleys i swear i don't recognize like the specter of some looming ruin with blue flames aglow in her eyes there's a house i've dreamt in the distance through the mist i can make it out plain where i will return as a father bent on fighting til its been reclaimed
Wildfire 03:54
make your way up highway 5 round bakersfield the citrus thrives blossoms swell at wintertime you'll taste it in the air migrants and their families came heard the promise all the same water glistens like champagne work is plenty there see that dusk bleed over the pacific feel the breeze running free along the beach i have set my mind to disregard the limits like a wildfire marching through the trees gangsters on the growers pay like angels guard the orchard gate cities built from cardboard crates sprouting from the dust where fathers kiss their daughters' heads and prostitute them tent to tent there's cries from fruitbox basinets the air is crisp and lush see that dusk bleed over the pacific feel the breeze running free along the beach like a new star sparkles in the distance there's a future fast asleep in every seed
Great Chorus 04:33
i heard a great chorus i joined that refrain it was a ballad of mercy it was joy it was pain it was a multitude pulsing like one single heartbeat it was the plea of a beggar it was a babbling priest it was a hollering rich man who owned nothing but fear it was two lovers whispering in each other's ears it was the dance of the unborn countless kicking feet it was faith in the future it was death in the street i heard a great chorus i joined that refrain it was a song of the people it was blood mixed with rain my dream keeps recurring a voice cries out from the flames there's a little girl burning she never gets saved hear that howling atlantic i swell with the tide where possibility flickers in that pure morning light i heard a great chorus i joined that refrain it was hope it was hatred it was glory and shame it was the groan of creation it was birth and decay i heard a great chorus i joined that refrain
the future is a pair of desperate eyes staring back at me fingers tugging gentle like a little child at my sleeve and i try to hear her whisper bend down to pull her close please don't let me go my lover my disease my mother and the holy ghost they hover in my sleep same face but with different clothes and each one tries to teach me what it means to be alone please don't let me go my soul is a story that i tell myself an outlaw ballad where the thief means well it's never been mine it's nothing i could own please don't let me go
Nora 03:15
i watch the flophouse girls like something from a dream i study all their bodies floating ghostlike with morphine poor men rolling with them like the sea beneath the stars still i hear the chiming of those bracelets round their arms nora i see the whole world being born anew i believe in peace the way that i believe in you the mystery the miracle burning in my blood breaking shackles building monuments to harmony and love nora you wander through the twilight where my dreams turn dark and wild lend me all your lullabies i'll sing them to my child
Old Man 04:29
in my hometown they sell postcards of a lynching my old man was there in the night i find him smiling waving his winchester in the air like the country crawling westward he was young and hungry in those days like limestone and gypsum the past is still mixed up in our clay i was born into a big house my daddy owned the land above the oil he'd say nothing made him prouder than the woman and the children that he spoiled lost his mansion to a kerosene fire lost my mother to disease i drifted like the ashes from the blaze that brought him crashing to his knees see those stars above the heartland i've crossed this country just as many times my clothes became a costume my voice became a choir multiplied my song went on without me i felt myself dissolve into the land but if i can be redeemed i believe the soil also can
I Woke Up 03:07
i woke up i was weightless carried on the autumn breeze set to drifting through generations like i was reborn like i was free i see a little child her eyes are honest i see a cobra coiled at her feet i see holy orphans searching for a land of promise scattered like stars like sand like seeds i see a garden the gate stands open i see the lowly enter first i see a temple built by the bruised and broken i see a great sword buried in the earth i woke up


released July 19, 2019


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The Hatchets Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Hatchets are a rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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